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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Boutique Wedding: 5 Questions for Carissa Zarzosa

How did you start creating Bridal Bouquets?

Both Brooch Bouquets and Origami Paper FlowerBouquets are alternative to live flowers. They are created from re-loved, re-cycled or re-used products.  When my husband and I got engaged I turned into a DIY Bride. I instantly fell in love with the concept of carrying a brooch bouquet down the aisle. I loved the idea of carrying something where friends and family could contribute pieces that I could carry with me. We incorporated Origami Paper Flowers into the decorations. I have been creating wedding flowers ever since. 


What do you love most about working with Brides?

I love working with Brides and helping them make their big day that much more special. I love being there to help them create their perfect bridal bouquet for their big day. Being able to create something that embodies their personality and that can be put on display or passed down to future generations.

Why Green?

I want to do my part and help reduce the impact of using new materials when sustainable materials can be used instead. I love the idea of helping brides come up with alternatives to live flowers that are often used for a day and tossed away. I not only use post consumed products when possible but I also encourage them to re-love, re-use and re-cycle whenever possible.

Do you only design flowers for weddings?

Wedding flowers are the main focus of my business, however I also create flowers for any occasion including anniversary bouquets (especially for the one year paper anniversary), just because bouquets, get well bouquets, special events etc. I also make bridal jewelry, wedding party jewelry, hair accents, gifts and more.   

What is your role in Locally Grown Weddings?

I love the idea of being able to give the Bride and Groom something they can treasure, something they can take away from the day along with their pictures. We share the same passion for weddings and for the environment. We each have our own creative individual talents and we come together to see to it that the weddings that we help create are unforgettable.

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Photography by Carissa Zarzosa